Me and Gaming Systems…

Ever since I was 5-years old I played video games. My first system I remember getting from my half-brother (bet you didn’t know I had a half-brother) after a T-ball game. An Atari 7200 with about 30-games! It was amazing, from Pitfall, Boxing, Pac-man, and my favorite game was a one on one basketball with Dr. J vs. Larry Bird. Within years I got a NES because that is what my cus had and it worked for years – you would have to blow in the games from time to time, but what NES system did you not have to do that to? After that I moved u0p to the SNES for two reasons – one Ken Giffery Jr. baseball and two, NBA Jam. Like the NES, the SNES worked fine for years. I never did make the move to the N-64, but once the Play Station came out, I remember buying it off my band teacher along with the game NCAA 1998, which would then become a part of my life. For the past 12 years now I have bought the same game ever since 1998 Christmas when I bought the PS1 off my band teacher for only $100 bucks. I think his wife made him get rid of it, but his loss was differently my gain. That PS1 lasted forever it seemed. I owned NCAA 98, 99, 00, but then came the PS2. I waited and waited till my mom had the money and for my 16th she bought me NBA Live 2000 and a PS2. That thing for the next 6 year would be played in high school, all nighters, even traveling to New York and Pennsylvania college life and the late nights my roommate Nick and I would play it till 6am in the morning.

I believe it was 2006 the 360 came out and by 2007 I was not crazy enough to sleep in a tent outside a BestBuy for days to get one, so I just waited around until I found one in a store. I did not want to make the switch from Play Station to Xbox for two reasons.

1. Microsoft to me is junk.

2. Play Station I had never had an issue with, and seem to suit me fine.

However it was my friends Logan, Chris, cam, Matt Dick, and Nick that talked me into making the switch from Sony to Microsoft. In 2007 I purchased a Xbox360 along with none other than my classic game of choice NCAA 2007 with Reggie Buch on the front cover. At first I hated my the switch from remembering the buttons to the bigger controllers. After nearly 10-years using one way, I did not want to change. But being able to play my friends online like the 360 did, I loved it! However 13-months later, 1 month out of warranty my 360 got 3-red lights. After calling Microsoft, having them tell me it was out of my 1-year warranty, I would have to pay $100 to fix it, and wait 4-6 weeks to get it back. I had no other option, so I did. In 6-weeks to the last day I remember the UPS man bring it back and back at it I was playing NCAA 2008. 1 month later the Xbox would quit reading disc, however since I spent the $100, I was given a 12 month extended warranty on their repair. So I waited another 4-6 weeks and it came fixed once again. Yet 13-months would pass by again and my third Xbox360 would start flashing those red lights. Being another one month out of warranty, I spent another $100 dollars to fix it and waited another month to get it back.

It was 3 weeks ago yet my 4th Xbox360 broke again! Uncalled for, ridiculous, angry, and sick of Xbox/Microsoft I called them to complain every way I could. They once again told me the same thing, that this 360 was 2 months out of its warranty and I would have to pay $100 again to have it fixed and wait for another month to get it back. I said NO, I am done and never again will I own an Xbox360. The guy then decided to offer me a deal. He told me about the new Xbox360 250GB hard-drive and it I sent in my old one, I could upgrade to the new one coming out mid-June for only $150. ISo I thought and only had 3 decisions.

1. Forget it all and pay $350 for a PS3

2. Get it fixed for $100

3. Upgrade to the newer one for $150

I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the brand new one for $150. So I went ahead an pre-ordered the New Xbox360 slim and was ship out the June 14. I was notified June 15th that I would then have to wait one more week to only be notified last week telling me I would have to wait till July 3rd or 4th, and now today was notified that I will now have to wait till July 9th! I have looked today on Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon who all say that they will not get theirs until July 13th….

Never, never, never again will I own a Microsoft/Xbox. Friends that seem to have good luck with the system, I am happy for you, but as far as I am concerned if the Xbox does not come in by the end of July I am officially done with you Microsoft! Then Microsoft wonders why they have declined so much over the past 5-years in sales. Because your gaming system is awful, your computer soft-wear blows, and you are not cool any more. It is not the 90’s and you build your stuff to break, to make more money. Of course that is only my opinion.

After breaking 4 Xbox360 in the last 40 months… I have went back to the sony play station, and I am quite happy that I did.


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