Just recently one of my long time, (what I thought was) Christian friends told me she was getting divorced. Ahhh, I was blown away. A girl that I saw in my eyes when I was 14, 16, and 18 years old I called prime material as a christian wife, had gotten married to some guy (which I was blown away that she had married at the time) that she is now walking out on for no reason but other than what she said…

“I am 25-years old and still yet can make things right that will make me happy”

Are we serious Christians!? I might as well fold up, shut up and go home with Jesus Christ if this is the mind-set of those the claim the name of being married to Jesus Christ as Savior! Are we serious? Are we for real? and yes… we are folks. It has come to the point that so-called Christians after getting married right out of College (because they insists upon) get married and then within 2-5 years they think, “what did I do marrying this person!?”

To which my only responds it, “I do not care what you did! You got married, you claim the name of Jesus Christ as Savior, over the man or woman you came into covenant with! Deal with it till death do you part!

A lot could be said right now, but I’ll leave it open for your own comments. Think with me… the last time your illness as a believer sinned against the holiness of God, did He, God, think twice upon that fact that He was about to cut you off from His ever lasting covenant (in marriage) that He made with His people? #1 I think not! AND #2 Such an idea would be ridiculous!

I am not going to go into this in detail, but you can read the paper I wrote about 8-months ago from this date below in which I still stand by and agree 100%.

“Is Divorce Okay?”

PS (my belief) – Above in the 1st paragraph it may seem as if I do not believe a Divorced person cannot be a believer of the Gospel. That is not true at all, I do believe one can be. It just may be harder to be a believer of the gospel if one is ddivorced than if they are single or married.


One Comment on “Divorce”

  1. Brad says:

    A good “tough love” exhortation here…our generation needs to hear a little more blunt and a little less appeasement. Good post.


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