What Ever Happen to AIM?

I can no-lie remember the days (1999-2002) I would go to school at 7am, spend all day trying to stay awake in classes and sleeping 5 out of 8 periods a day to only be at home at 3pm to only get on AIM (American Instant Messaging). I rememeber at times even passing out my messanger name as if it was an handle for a CB… wait no one knows what that is… handing out my screen name to girls, my buddies at school, so that as soon as I got off the bus from high-school during my freshmen and sphomore years, later after work (10pm) my junior and senior years to talk to my friends. Some people had 30, 40, 50 , I knew friends that had 100, but mostly because I was in band and dealt with state band I meant a lot of friends from other high-schools I remember myself having over 200 AIM friends/buddies.

Yet today I own a MacBook which I use iChat on. There I can send my G-chat, Facebook chat and my younger days of Yahoo messenger and AIM through.

  • Gmail chat I have about 20
  • Facebook depdning on the time and day I have 100-300.
  • Yahoo I have not a single person
  • AIM out of my 300 friends from high school and college I only have five, and all five have it sent drectly to their cell phone which I’d guess do not have anyone contact them.

It is funny how times change. This morning I signed on AIM and saw 5, then before I wane to bed tonight I wanted to see how many which was still the same 5. It is at time funny to grow up and see differences in times. Some times you think everything stays the same, then you grow up and see nothing stays the same.

It only made me think, the gospel since creation never once has changed, not one time, not in a single way, no more, and none less have come to it, the same that are to are called everyday… How great the gospel is, that those who are a member of it, do not wear out, do not give up, but in their assurance continue on their this day and age until Christ’s coming.


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