Getting Settled In

My blogging has been scarce the past week being that 7-days ago I moved from Michigan to Maryland. Hopefully today I can get back on track of blogging daily. I often wonder after being in seminary (having so much to say) if I will continue to have anything to blog on a regular basis. When I asked my wife, she said I should not have a problem with that, and thinking about it, hopefully I will not.

After driving the five hours from Michigan to Ohio, there I visited with my best friends Chris and Logan, and had a family cookout with the Dewalts at my uncle Grizz’s. Then one week ago today, last Monday Emily and I made the nine hour drive from Ohio to Bel Air Maryland where for the past week we have been unpacking. Over the past week I have had mixed feelings about leaving Michigan, my past friends, my seminary and my church. A few of those things stand out among everything, so I decided to list them on my blog this morning.

The things I have enjoyed about moving to Maryland.

1. The area is Beautiful

2. The Christian lady I meet at PNC was so kind and sweet.

3. An old buddy I barley spoke with in College, has been a huge help with getting moved in and settled.

4. Starting my teaching job this week, looking over their program, their curriculum, meeting my fellows teachers, meeting my boss,

5. NOT living in the city! This may be my favorite part about the “move” to Maryland, is now I am 40 minutes north of Baltimore and no longer live 2 minutes from actual downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

6. Gas prices are cheaper.

The things I have not liked about Maryland.

1. The driver’s here do not seem to be as smart as they are in Michigan.

2. I miss my church, after spending one Lord’s Day out of Grand Rapids, I already miss the solid preaching and teaching of Harvest OPC that I attended in Michigan.


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