New Calvinist in Grand Rapids? ahhh, Maybe Not.

Kevin writes a blog post answering the question, “Can the Reformed Resurgence Fly in Grand Rapids?

First off I felt the same way about the dutch reform on a number of these areas while in Grand Rapids. Secondly, I said much of the same in agreement with Kevin during my 4 years in Grand Rapids while studying at Puritan Reformed. Lastly, it is great so see other public figure bring to light some of the major issues between the New and “Old” Calvinist, and especially in New Jerusalem… I mean Grand Rapids Michigan. At times I felt as if Grand Rapids did not even know that such a movement, or group existed.

Kevin writes,

“Anyone who knows Grand Rapids knows that it is known for being a conservative town with lots of Dutch people and lots of churches, reformed churches in particular. There are hundreds of RCA and CRC congregations, not to mention URC, PCA, OPC, PR and various and sundry other initials. The area is home to Hope College, Calvin College, Kuyper College, Western Seminary, Calvin Seminary, and Puritan Reformed Seminary, just to name a few institutions in the reformed tradition. And yet, the most famous church in the Grand Rapids area is Mars Hill (the Rob Bell Mars Hill). Why is it that with so many Calvinist schools and churches (and I haven’t even mentioned publishing houses like Zondervan, Baker, Eerdmans, Kregel) that the reformed resurgence is more well known in Minneapolis or Louisville than in Grand Rapids?”

You really should read the rest here.


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