Christ in the Old Testament: New video series

Want to find and worship Christ in the Old Testament?

Need a weekly Bible Study that’s doctrinal, devotional, and doable?

Trying to help your children study the Bible on a Sunday afternoon, but they aren’t great readers?

Looking for a Sunday school series that marries “old” theology with new technology?

The CrossReference series of films from Head Heart Hand Media may be for you.

The first DVD & Study Guide will launch on April 12 at the Gospel Coalition Conference. But come back tomorrow for pre-launch preview and special offer.

HeadHeartHand Media.


God’s Technology DVD

I have made mention of this before, but now the DVD is in, and ready to be shipped. Have you order your’s yet? Here’s the first few minutes. You can watch the trailer here, buy a DVD or digital download here, and download the study guide here.

Technology and the Christian Life

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Dr. David P. Murray is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Dr. Murray speaks about his latest endeavors in media and theology. Dr. Murray has started a DVD series that deals with such subjects as “Christian parents training their children in the right use of media,” and a series on “Covenant Theology.”  Information about his projects are available at the website Head, Heart, Hand.  David also blogs at a Posterous blog titled Head, Heart, Hand and co-hosts the Connected Kingdom podcast with Tim Challies.

It’s About Time David!

After years and years of waiting, David Murray finally has a book published.

Dr. David P. Murray is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was born in Scotland and served as a pastor and lecturer there. Dr. Murray and his wife Shona have four children.

Christians Get Depressed Too: Help and Hope for Depressed People, by David P. Murray

Many Christians mistakenly believe that true Christians don’t get depressed, and this misconception heaps additional pain and guilt onto Christians who are suffering from mental and emotional distress. Author David P. Murray comes to the defense of depressed Christians, asserting that Christians do get depressed! He explains why and how Christians should study depression, what depression is, and the approaches caregivers, pastors, and churches can take to help those who are suffering from it. With clarity and wise biblical insight, Dr. Murray offers help and hope to those suffering from depression, the family members and friends who care for them, and pastors ministering to these wounded members of their flock.

Table of Contents:


1. The Crisis

2. The Complexity

3. The Condition

4. The Causes

5. The Cures

6. The Caregivers

About the Author:

Are You SAD?

After waiting nearly two months for another post, David Murray finally gets back to vloggin’.


Interview with Warren Smith on “A Lover’s Quarrel”

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The most practical doctrine in the Bible

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