Calvinism & Arminianism

Sinclair Ferguson: Where Do You Come From?

2008 National Conference Trailer-The Power of Words

John McCain Denouncing George Bush’s Ties Bob Jones

OSU Highlights from last year, ready for this

Praying for Rain

My Jesus

WARNING: Images of Christ are in this video.

Our US Pres. for 8 Years

It is getting near the end of the President George W. Bush last term, in which I saw a video that would help us look back at his time in office.

Frozen Grand Central


For the video of the week, I love country and come from it as well. I found this video this past week and Oh how I would be proud if that was my boy!

Christians for Ron Paul

BJU Protests

When Christians stand against those who are in sin, do we do it in a Gospel loving way, or do we bash them because of their sin? How did the Gospel come to you, when you was deep into sin and lost? Does the cross scream at you, Your Gay! You are going to Hell! -OR- does it come in gracefully, peacefully, mercy, kindness, and tenderhearted love that Saved your Soul from the pit of hell.

Free Will Song

This is quite the song. The song simply sadden my heart when watching such views of God. What is even more saddening is Jim Schettler at the end that gets up and says, “That it is not only one of the greatest themes but truths of the entire Bible.”

What do you tell pastors about their families?

The Video of the Week is done as a reminder by Tim Keller about pastoring and the family. Make sure you who are pastors, teachers, professors or any type of ministry are spending enough time with the ones you promised! 


Funny Christians

My Thought: This weeks VIDEO OF THE WEEK seems to remind me sometimes of my fellow brothers that start talking about theology, philosophy, greek, or anything else I tend to struggle with following along. 

My Application: Don’t become one of those “types” of people that seem to talk as if an average man cannot understand you. 

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

How true is this video of us on the Lord’s Day?

Video of the Week

Video of the Week: John Piper – Expositional Preaching

Together for The Gospel 06′ Mohler