Day One of DG 2008

Waking up this morning I ate breakfast for the second time in a row, which may be a first in years, and I mean literally years! My boss and I arrived downtown to unpack the SUV and start stacking books on our four tables in the Desiring God Bookstore. By noon we were done and began the search of a semi-cheap hamburger joint somewhere down town. After walking what seemed an hour in circles we finally asked as typical “out-of-townees” and stopped in at The Keys Cafe where I got my absolute favorite type of hamburger, BBQ & SLAW! This made up for the time well spent in searching for Steve’s (my boss) hamburger he “needed.” After doing so, I went back to get suited up for the conference and preparing myself for this years messages. People began to role in about 3pm and started to buy books right away! I was quite impressed by the numbers I sold on the first day and am looking forward to sales tomorrow. It was a great evening being able to catch up with old friends like Luke S. and Ben V. to talk about what old friends are doing now with their lives, and finding out about old friends that are getting married but never have seem to have the time to tell me! However the highlight of the night of course was Sinclair Ferguson message on James 3:1-12. There is not much to say, being that you can read or listen to it already on Desiring God’s website and read several blog post that I’ll list here for you below.

20 Resolutions on Taming the Tongue

The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing: An Exposition of James 3:1-12

Friday Night Panel Discussion

Desiring God Live Blog – Mike Anderson

Conference Book Recommendations

For tomorrow’s posting I am not sure how often or when I will be able to get on-line since the Internet prices are about as high as I pay per-month in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But I’ll be sure at least in the evening to place up some links, thoughts, and highlights of the day.

PS – Hope to see you at tomorrow’s Open House after the evening session.


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