Day Two at DG 2008

Day two was grand! Waking up and eating breakfast for the third time in a row I personally cannot remember since I was a little kid! Even better it was a redneck one, sausage biscuits and gravy, my personal favorite. From there was a number of sessions and breaks to sell many of the RHB titles I took to the conference. Another great day I believe in sales. I would like to take the time to blog my thoughts about the conference and sessions but am not going to waste my time when you can read other blogs that have done so during the day. However I’ll give my personal three top highlights from the day.

#1 Mark Discroll’s message – Not because of the usual riskiness but just simply was clear and a must listen to for everyone!

#2 Paul Tripp’s message – Thinking about living for God’s kingdom and not my own, listen to the message!

#3 The Blog Open House – It was great to spend time with others that bloggers may not see, know, or get to talk to.

Take the time to check out the following

The Live Blogging

The messages on DG’s Blog

Luther on the Marvel of Music

Ligonier West Coast Conference


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