Presby Spears

You might be a Presbyterian if… you have something in common with Brittany Spears. 


KJV Baby!

You might be a Dutch Calvinist if… You still use a KJV.

You might be a Calvinist if… you use a Geneva Bible. 

You might be a American Reformist (New Calvinist) if… you use a ESV.

You might be a Presbyterian if… you walk into church with your Hebrew and Greek.

You might be a Baptist if… you swear up and down by the 1977 NASB.

You might be a Fundamentalist if… you made the move to the NKJV.

You might be a Dispensationalist if… you swear by Ryrie Study Bible. 

You might be Al Mohler if… you can actually understand all the notes in The Apologetics Study Bible .

You might be a Friendly Seeker if… you still use the 1980’s & 90’s NIV. 

You might be a Catholic if… you use a priest… (ouch!)

You might be a Emergent if… you don’t need a Bible, just bring your thoughts or your copy of “The Voice”

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

You might be a Presbyterian if… in the middle of a Q & A after a message by Dr. Joel R. Beeke your cell phone goes off ringing… Knock Knock Knocking on heaven’s door.